IVF Treatment

What is the Ivf?

In Vitro Fertilization is the most efficient form of assisted reproduction technology. In this process, mature eggs from ovaries are retrieved and fertilized in a laboratory by sperm. The fertilized eggs or embryos are then transferred into the uterus.

A cycle of IVF lasts approximately three weeks. You can use your own eggs along with your partner’s.

A third option is to use eggs, sperm or embryos that have been donated by a known donor or an anonymous one.


How is the procedure performed?


IVF is a multi-step process.

Ovarian stimulation: You may receive an injectable medication that contains a follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), or a luteinizing hormonal (LH), for stimulating the ovary and producing multiple eggs.

Egg retrieval The most common method of egg retrieval is transvaginal ultrasound aspiration.

For sperm extraction, the partner will provide a sample. After fertilization, the healthy sperms and mature eggs are then mixed, incubated over night, and the embryo transferred into the vagina.


What is the usual success rate for this procedure?


Your age, ovarian reserves, and sperm counts will all affect your chances of conceiving a healthy child using IVF.

The average success rate ranges between 60 and 70 percent.


What is included in Ivf cost?

The cost of IVF is:

  • Cost of diagnostic tests that may include hormone tests (FSH and AMH), tubal patency testing, prolactin and semen evaluation

  • Cost of the procedure (depends on type)

  • There are several types of procedures: fresh, frozen (cleavage on day 3), blastocysts (day 5) and single or multiple embryo transfers.

  • Cost of post-operative treatment (The IVF cycle lasts around four weeks, and between stimulation and egg collection there are usually 3-6 visits).

  • IVF is an outpatient procedure. However, in some cases the patient may need to be admitted into the hospital prior to the process.

Note: A blood pregnancy test is recommended after 12-14 IVF days. Avoid a home pregnancy testing as it may give a false negative if done before 7 days because of residual HCG from the shot used for egg maturation.

What factors affect the cost of Ivf treatment?

The cost of the entire procedure will also vary depending on the condition and preferences of the patient. These factors include:

  • Choose the type of room and hospital (general, twin sharing or single room).

  • Age of the patient

  • Some side effects may occur after IVF (e.g. nausea or vomiting, shortness in breath, reduced frequency of urination and fainting, weight gain, abdominal pain, bloating, breast tenderness constipation cramps).

  • In the event that the patient is not local, they will be charged for accommodation during their follow-ups.

  • Additional investigations may be required

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